Silja Chouquet

Silja is the owner and CEO of Whydot GmbH, an agency specialized in social media analysis, consulting, coaching and training. Her fields of expertise are the creation of patient-focused social media communications and marketing campaigns.

Prior to starting her own business, Silja built a solid track record as a consultant and line manager in the health care industry with over ten years of experience. She worked for major pharmaceutical companies, where she held senior positions in sales, strategic planning, market research and business intelligence. Silja started her career as a senior consultant at Mercer Management (now Oliver Wyman). She holds a BS in International Business and Marketing from Georgetown University in Washington DC and an MBA from INSEAD.


Francis Chouquet

Francis Chouquet is the art director and lead designer of Whydot. He loves creative, beautiful designs and web technology that can support them. He has been painting and drawing ever since he was young and even a degree in Business and a couple of years in IT solution consulting could not stop his strive for artistic expression.

Francis has a strong sense of aesthetics that allows him to skillfully mix modern design with warm and colorful art. He is also one of the leading WordPress experts, having published a series of tutorials, articles and a book on the topic.

Francis is French, speaks English and German and lives in Switzerland with his wife Silja and their daughter Lola.


Yael Bretscher

Yael Bretscher is a leader in Social Media & Global Measurement analysis, training and consulting with over seven years of experience in the discipline. Her fields of expertise are in creating custom social media research, web discussion mapping, tool development for the social media field and project management.

Before becoming an independent consultant, Yael was one of the pioneers of social media analysis and held senior positions in research, development, team & product management in Nielsen Online (Previously Nielsen Buzzmetrics). Yael started her career in social media in research and moved on to management positions, leading teams across two continents which promptly allowed her to acquire in depth knowledge of the many facets of the field.