We map out who is influential

  • we determine each stakeholder’s influence with respect to your brand
  • we profile and combine all online and offline activities of your stakeholders’ to create a holistic view of their influence
  • we use the most sophisticated mapping tools to dynamically visualize your online community’s influence map

We analyze the online conversation

  • we deliver multilingual social media analysis and automated tracking
  • we benchmark the buzz around your brand and its competitors by topic and by language
  • we analyze the sentiment behind the buzz in each language
  • we translate our analysis into strategic customer insights

We lay the groundwork for effective strategy

  • we prepare and facilitate strategic workshops and follow-up on the action items
  • we manage the internal change process needed to embed social media in your organization

We teach you the capabilities to successfully engage

  • we provide your teams with engaging, hands-on trainings
  • we help you craft your internal and external social media guidelines
  • we coach you on how to use social media internally

We involve your key online stakeholders

  • we set up and organize advisory boards with key stakeholders and facilitate the discussion for maximum outcome
  • we track their online conversation to leverage ideas and ongoing activities

We execute high-quality social media campaigns

  • multi-format, real time coverage of conferences and events
  • blog and web design
  • podcasts and video
  • multi-lingual editorial team
  • search engine optimization and marketing